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Join the Petal Pals as they travel across the world in their quest to help Roxie Raccoon find her twin brother, Rocky.

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Roxie’s friends are Mickey, a silly monkey, Ellie, a smart elephant, and Kenny, a brave koala. Lily, a curious ladybug, also travels with the Pals. Each of the Petal Pals has his or her own magic petal that helps them travel anywhere in the world, in just a few moments.

In each adventure, Mickey, Ellie, Roxie, and Kenny discover new places, search for evidence that Rocky has been there, and find clues to where he may be going next. Along the way, they meet new Petal Pals who may have problems of their own. Working together, they always find a way to help each other.

Petal Pals: Swamp Adventure

The first in the Petal Pals series is Swamp Adventure. Lily discovers the Petal Pals for the first time, and follows them as they travel to the swamps of Louisiana.

Find out what Mickey, Ellie, Roxie, and Kenny discover when they stumble and tumble through the marshy reeds.

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Petal Pals: Off to Amarillo

Lily joins her Petal Pal friends on their second adventure, as they travel to Amarillo, Texas.

There they meet Amarissa, an armadillo and her donkey best friend, Dante. Dante and Amarissa both long to be rodeo stars.

When Ellie hears that they aren’t allowed to be in the real Amarillo rodeo, she comes up with the idea to hold their own Petal Pals rodeo. The Petal Pals hope that as everyone gathers for the rodeo, Roxie might find her brother Rocky there!

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Petal Pals: Swamp Adventure

In their third adventure, the Petal Pals journey to Australia in the hopes that they will find Rocky in the land down under.

Australia is Kenny’s homeland, and his mother, along with all of the Australian Petal Pals, join in the search.

Only this time, it’s not just Rocky that is lost. Kierra, a baby koala, is missing as well. Can the Petal Pals find them both?

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